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New In - July ♥

Hello everybody :)
I would like to start a new blog line with all things which arrived within a month ♥ I think its a good option, also for me, to see what I bought in a month and keep track! So maybe in a few months or a year I will be able to see what I sold and what I kept. I try to avoid buying too much items which I dont truely love and sell them again >//< Its a lot of time which is wasted by selling and of course a waste of money.. :c but atm I'm nearly 100% satiesfied with my wardrobe :) If I need money and need to sell something its nearly impossible to find something I could sell because I really like everything in my closet so much! ♥
Ahh sorry for being so late and posting this in the middle of August, but I wanted to include worn pictures as well (♡´艸`)
Longsleeve blouse with little ribbons at the collar (bought from Hopeykitty )

I first saw this blouse on her feed and immediately felt in love with it! Normally I dont like longsleeve blouses but the collar of this one is so cute and thats why I was searching for it! ♥ Unfortunately I didnt find it anywhere, but then hopeykitty was selling it on Facebook and I took my chance and bought it from her :3 She is such a nice girl! I'm still a little bit insecure about how to combine it and took her as my inspiration and combined it to the skirt we both have (っ´▽`)っ 

Web Limited cotton ribbon peplum top in white (bought from Almog)

This top was a long time on my Facebook wishlist but unfortunately I wasn't able to find it on mercari :c Cutie Almog messaged me and sold it to me and it is even NWT! ) ゜o゜( I'm still not sure about how to combine it due to the peplum because as many of you know I dont wear any pants or shorts (except for pyjama shorts lol) and its a little bit difficult to combine it with a skirt but I think it looks okay :) What do you think about? :)

Princess blouse in white 

I was eyeing with this cute blouse I got into Liz Lisa? but never found it for a good price :( Only in set with the JSK or as a replica (´・ω・`) but now I was able to find it in a part of a bundle with the off shoulder top below and a skirt (which I didnt want and already sold it). It has so many lovely details like a polka dot bow and so much lace! Its perfect for work and to coord with a lot of things ♥

Off shoulder top with brown velvet line 

I saw this top quite a lot but I was never sure if I should buy it or not! Since this summer I'm into off shoulder and when it came in a bundle with the princess blouse I grab my chance and bought it! (・ω・)b I'm a little bit unsure how to combine it because of the brown velvet line so I'm currently thinking about removing it and maybe add another colour? I think brown is a little bit difficult (especially because I dont own any brown skirts or something and idk I didnt like it with my bordeaux skirts).

My Waiting for... Mercari Order 

Here you can read about my thoughts of each of these gorgeuos pieces (◕ᴗ◕✿) I'm really happy with everything and I'm even more happier that the bikini fits pretty well & that I can keep it :3 btw the white off shouldertop is from 2015 collection :)

Many ribbons pumps in beige 
To be honest the right shoe feels really uncomfortable to me - not because its too tight or something, its just the insole feels...weird? Idk I have to look after it another time if its just slips or something QwQ but after this these shoes are really gorgeuos! They have so many beautiful details and I love the lace at the straps! Of course the heel is stunning as always with the lacing! And I'm really happy with this colour as well! (´⌣`ʃƪ)

Open shoulder knit top in white
Favorite top for casual occasions ♥ Its cute and special but not too over the top! The fit is really good, the only thing I dont like is, that it is a little bit long and could be shorter! I really like the collar & of course the back with its little ribbon is adorable! I hope I will find the pink version as well somewhere because this piece is just gorgeous (♡´౪`♡)I would also like to mention that i think this top is quite long? So its a little bit difficult to wear a skirt above (like I did on my IG pic) and thats why I prefer to wear it "normal" above the skirt.

lace up tote with a little bow
New favorite bag! Its just perfect - the colour, the size, the details - I love everything so much! (♡´艸`) I already used it a lot and I'm a little bit afraid to ruin it too fast or something QwQ Also it has a really cool zipper - you can close it from both sides! Also on the side (left and right from the zipper) it has some space & I use it to store the shoulder strap when I want to use the bag as a normal handbag :) (haha sorry for same outfit except different skirt as the outfit below - I couldnt decide which outfit I like more :D )

Lace rib top in pink
I couldn't decide which skirt I like more with this top so I made two pics lol! I like both and also this top is so so pretty so you can of course combine it to a lot of skirts (but be aware that it can be really really short on you if you have a bigger chest) |・ω・`) An the other side I think the fit is a little bit as better than the white one becuase I fell like the off shoulder part is harder and thats why it dont as much as on the white?! :D 

Floral Blouse in bordeaux

Ahh as you may know I'm collecting this pattern because it is my most favorite from Liz lisa! <3 As you may know I'm not the biggest fan of set-ups due to the too cutesy prints ( I like my tops simple and without too much print) and also due to sleeves (dont ask, I dont know why I dont like them :D ) but because I collec this print I had, of course, to collect the tops as well <3 I play with the thought of cutting the sleeves off like I did with this dress here so I could wear it as a pretty sleeveless dress :) but I'm a bit afraid! What if I mess it up? Then I have to search for it again (つ﹏⊂) 

different material colour scheme string tote bag in pink
The next four pieces (inc this bag) were part of my first Youtube video which you can see here - I'm overwhelmed & really happy with it! I was afraid that I won't like the colour and regret not buying the white one, but its so pretty and I'm happy with the colour as well ♥ I really like how they did the interior design of the bigger spring & summer bags and cant wait for my other bags to arrive! ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ Ahh I own so many bags and want to own more and more (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) I need another shelf! If Patrick would notice if another shelf would be in his room? 

Flower Lace Dress
This dress fells too big on me even if its just a little bit, becuase it dont have shirring - its a bit lose around my waist but I think it still looks really pretty on me (•ө•)♡ I'm in love with the pattern & it has the perfect length for work :) The back is really simple, but Idk I think it looks so elegant and pretty? The flower print is so lovely and I love pink flower print because they are the perfect thing to match pink accessories with it (♡´艸`) I'm really looking forward to receive the skirt version as well ♥ 

Vintage rose dress in white & bordeaux 
 Ahh the biggest surprise of this month! This two gorgeous dresses were the order before my last order which I bought on TKL and they arrived even before a lot of things from my summer sale order (which are all stuck in customs T^T ) I'm really really in love with the pattern - its so beauitful and stunning omg I cant even (⋟﹏⋞) I'm waiting for the bordeaux skirt as well and still thinking really hard if I should buy the white skirt too or not (◕ᴗ◕✿) Ahh really I feel so pretty in it! <3
I hope you enjoyed this kind of blogpost! I'm really in love with everything and I hope this feeling will stay a long time (´∀`)♡ Especially with the lovely autumn items! The only problem: When I stay in love with everything I own but my collection is growing & growing... where could I store my things ? :D I want to see everything and dont hide them in closets with doors or something T^T "I like my money right where I can see it....hanging in my closet!" <3

Sending much love to you! Have a lovely day! :)

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