Sunday, 30 July 2017

Favorite outfits... to meet my friends❤ {spring/summer}

Hello everyone ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ I'm happy to see you again,
today I would like to show ou my favorite outfits when I meet my friends! Mostly we meet for drinking bubble tea or eat cake - not that much exciting but its always such a wonderful time because we talk a lot what happens in our life  (♡´艸`)

When I meet my friends I wear more of my "fancy" pieces as when I go for work or go to a date with Patrick, I do feel confident in Liz Lisa but I feel more confident when I'm with someone who wears the same style as me! :) In this post I would like to show you some coords for spring & summer, because in winter I mostly wear more thicker sweaters and now its just too hot to wear them (even if just in my room for pics)(⊃‿⊂)

1) Off shoulder cotton lace frill ribbed top in white & magical key skirt in ivory 
First I was really unsure about this top and when I bought it last year I didnt like it at all but know I'm really in love with it! Some things just take their time ~ Also I  didnt show you that much of this skirt (●♡∀♡) Its one of the few pieces in my closet with a print! I dont know where I saw it first, I guess on Emiiichan, and immediately fell in love with this print :3 Unfortunately it was really hard to find the skirt in this colour (it was also sold in brown and pink) but Multipalstore restocked it and this was my chance to grab it (^ω^) I didnt wear it much often, mostly only when I meet my friends :)

2) Chandelier dress in pink & nude mesh cardigan
This dress or rather JSK is nearly perfect! I love everything on it - the fit, the pattern, and colour! Normally it has a little bit tulle on the underskirt but the girl who sold it to me, removed it unfortunately >///< As you may have seen in my wardrobe post I dont own that many cardigans, only..3? and this is one of them! It has the perfect length and I really love the see-trough mesh on the front ♥ I can be really picky when it somes to cardigans ;-; To be honest I'm still not sure which cardigan style i like and which not - I still have to explore this more! ♥(ノ´∀`)

3) Lace rib top in white & floral floating rose skirt
Oh gosh I wear this top way too often but its really so beautiful! Depending on how you style it you can wear it to a lot of different occassions (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) This top is from 2016 spring collection and I also own the pink one from 2017 spring collection, its funny - The white one has a better length but the pink one has a better fit I think (^-^)/  Thats my favorite combination for meeting my friends ♥ I didnt wear this skirt a lot but should definetely more because the floral pattern is truly beautiful! I'm so sorry for the light but its really hard with white pieces |・ω・`)

4) Gingham floral OP in navy
I was searching for this dress since I fell in love with Liz Lisa! :) I never saw it second hand (not even sold) and was nearly to give it up but a cute girl on Instagram messaged me that she was willing to sell it to me (^-^)/ I was incredible happy! I also bought the white pompom bag with the bow in white from her and since then, its really my most precious dress ♥ The material is extremly light & breezy so I was able to wear it for our Liz Lisa meet-up on the 27th May when it was about 30°C! :o The bow is detachable but I like it with it more! It matches really well to pink due to the little pink flowers & now I'm searching for the pink version as well (人・㉨・)♡ Since it was a web limited item, it is really hard to find :c The funny thing: After I bought it from this girl I saw this blue dress two times within one week on mercari! And was like: dafuq where have you been the last year?o(`ω´*)o

5) Strawberry Jam gingham dress in blue 
I can remember how everyone went totally crazy about this serie when it was released and as you may know I'm not that big fan of print dresses.. I was eyeing a lot with it & was really near to buy it but for some reason I didnt! Then I saw some lovely worn pictures by Nonobunny and oh goooosh she looked so cute in it (●♡∀♡) This was the moment when I started looking for it, but I only saw a few offers on mercari and mostly for 15 000yen or more and I was like wth ⊂(゜Д゜⊂ definetely not worth to me! Then a cute German girl sold the dress on Kleiderkreisel (German second hand side) for 85€ & I took the chance :) She was also really really nice and put it on hold for me for a few weeks ♥

I hope you enjoyed this kind of post! I'm planning another blogpost from this line for work & date outfits (also for summer) and try to make more outfit blogposts for you girls :) It was really a lot of fun writing and thinking about what I love to wear. And I really had a lovely time with Patrick while taking these pictures!
If you have other ideas or wishes please let me know! Thank you for reading (つ >ω●)つ

Sending much love to you all!

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Waiting for... TKL Order #2

Hello cutiepies (◕ᴗ◕✿)

Sorry just immediately another Waiting for...TKL order post within one month! I paid the shipping for the first whole order yesterday so the items should arrive the next week yay! ♥I'm super excited to show you what I bought this time (・w・) Don't be afraid I wont do this for every item I bought! - only when I'm waiting for more than 4-5 items or when I'm extremly excited about what I bought like this time! ♥

I first saw this "Novelty Fair" on the Instagram feed of Liz Lisa Sendai and immedeately felt in love with this lovely pattern! As you may have seen after my Wardrobe Post I dont own that many (ohm like one or two?) items with a specific pattern at the bottom (like "umbrella pattern" or "closet print")- more its like all of them are all in all "floral pattern" and I think thats also a reason why I adore this print too! (•ө•)♡ They also published these pictures with the Novelty fair picture:

All credits belongs to Liz Lisa Sendai store! I dont have any experience with Novelty Fair to be honest - as I understand you will get this purse for free if you spend more than 20.000Yen. But I'm not sure if its on TKL as well? As I dont see any advertising on TKL I dont think I will get it ●︿● but anyway I wanted to show you that cute purse! 

Of course I decided to get the dress & skirt in bordeaux and also ordered the dress in white - I was extremely afraid to miss it if I would wait becuase bordeaux is always sold out so fast QwQ They released two sizes or rather two lengths (freesize and freesize +3cm) as I never had problems with the length of Liz Lisa dresses (I'm 160cm) I chose normal freesize - bordeaux +3cm was sold out at the same evening! (゜Д゜*)

I think the print stands more out in bordeaux & white and tbh pink is not really my colour >/< The cut of the dress reminds me a little bit of the Chandelier JSK which I own in blue & pink I hope it has the same nice fit (^-^)/ And the skirt looks like it will be a High Waist Skirt! (Oh my gosh I love High Waist (♡´艸`)) and I'm thinking about getting the white skirt as well because I finally ogt my first paycheck as a fulltime employer (yaaay) as some of you know I made my appretenceship the last two years ꈍ .̮ ꈍ

These are the first items I bought from the new autumn collection! ღ╹◡╹)ノ♡ Did you already bought something? Or do you have a favorite item you're waiting for it to come to sale? ♥

Have a nice day cutiepies! Much love to you xoxo

Monday, 17 July 2017

Liz Lisa Wardrobe Post - My entire collection (♡´艸`)

Hello cutiepies ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Some of you asked me on Instagram for a wardrobe post like Emiiichan or Arisucookie did it before ♥ I thought it would be a nice idea even when I dont own that much as these two beautys do! I try to keep this post up to date, delete items I sold and add new things, so everything you see here is my current Liz Lisa wardrobe! 

Little note: Sorry but due to fear that my pictures will be stolen to sell things or something I watermarked them! I think its not okay to use picture from other people to make profit with it! Use your own pictures so your buyers can be sure that you're a trustful seller! :) If you want to use my pictures for a searchpost - please ask and please give credit! (人・∀・)











I hope you enjoyed this kind of post! Liz Lisa is really my life and I hope my collection will grow bigger and bigger in the next years (♡´艸`) As I said before I would really appreciate if you would not use my pictures without my permission! It was a work of a whole weekend and really means a lot to me! Thank you so much for understanding (人・㉨・)♡

Sending much love to you all