Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Waiting for... ♥ TKL Order #1

Hello my sweet blossoms ♥ 

I hope everyone is doing well! I dont know why but I felt like I really wanted to write a little blogpost - last time was about a year ago LOL! I ordered a lot of items from spring / summer sale from Tokyokawaiilife and nearly everything is already shipped and will arrive the next days :) My anticipation is so big and I think thats why I wanted to share it with you!

Liz Lisa String Lace Bag white & pink:
I felt in love the moment when I saw it! I already own two different bags in this style from earlier collections (only one handle to use it as handbag) they are my absolutely favorites! The seem really small, but everything I need fits in perfectly :) I love the simple yet beautiful design so much! First I only ordered the pink version, because the other two bags are already white colour way but because I sold a lot of thing I was able to purchase the white version as well :)

Flower Lace Skirt & Dress in white: 

When this skirt and the dress version were released I was so excited! I love the feminin fit, the lace and the decent flower pattern. I didn't wanted to pay full price, so I was hoping for them to get in Sale and they got into Sale like 10 days after it was released! Really really fast and thats why I took the chance and first ordered the dress and a few days later the skirt ♥ My cute friend Annalena ordered the dress when it was released and she looks so beautiful in it that I wanted it even more! It has the perfect length for her, so I thought for me it was the perfect length for work! I really need more dresses and skirts which are a little bit longer than my usual dresses for hot summer days at work.

Lace up tote with a little bow in pink

I think it was one of the first released spring items and it looks so so cute! I really love big bags and definetely need more (like I need more from everything lol) I absolutly forgot about it, but saw it again when the "Thanks Sale" with 50% started and immediately put it into my shopping cart :D White colour way was already sold out, so I ended with pink but I'm good with it because I want more pink bags ♥ So many beautiful girls already posted some pics with this beauty and I cant wait to combine it! 

Different material color scheme string tote bag in pink:

 I found this bag also at the "50% Thanks Sale" and it was more an spontaneus purchase because, as I said, I want more big bags ♥It has a really simple design so I hope it will be perfect for more casual occassions :) I thought that I already have enough white bags and because I want to use it a lot I was afraid that it will look dirty and used more faster when its white ;//; Pink is still available at TKL, but white was sold out really fast D: I'm still very unsure if my choice was the right one and i hope I will like the colour still when it will arrive.

Lace rib top in pink

 Last year a similar top (nearly the same only other ribbons on the shoulder) was released but I totally missed it! I saw the top on @peachy.bunnies (on IG) and I was like: OMG that top is so beautiful! And was sarching for it to buy it second hand - I didnt even knew it was released thats so crazy D: I was able to find it and a few weeks later this top was released for spring 2017 again! This time a lot of girls bought it (for the contest) and its really one of my favorites and thats why I took the chance and bought in pink as well ♥ My friend Laura already owned it in pink and it looks so good in person :3

Fishtail One Piecein white

This year a lot of beautiful items were released and it was so hard to choose with one I would like to get! I adore white dresses because they are perfect for really really hot weather. And this one is just perfection with the cute lace details and the high-low skirt I'm even more in love :) I think a similar high-low dress was sold a few year ago too, but I didnt likes the bust part from the dress and that makes me even more happier about this dress ♥

Many ribbons pumps in beige

 Of course one of the first things I bought in Sale :)  Unfortunately pink and white were already sold out in my size otherwise I would have bought all three colours , but I think beige is a good option because I already own so many pumps in pink but no pair in beige. Maybe I'm able to find white or pink second hand, because the ribbons are really really cute and i thnk I can combine them to a lot of things in my wardrobe (^-^)/

Open Shoulder Knit Tops in white 

*already arrived* I saw it on so many cute girls and really had to buy it! I think open shoulders are in this year because I dont see them only at Liz Lisa, instead I see them everywhere (Forever21, H&M) and I already own an open shoulder sweater and sweater dress from the winter collection. Its a really cute but simple item, perfect for a meet up with friends :) Atm the weather in Germany is too warm for it (I tried it on and had to take it off immediately) but I'm looking forward to wear it on rainy days or late summer evenings ♥

Long cardigan with wide rib lame in beige

*already arrived* It was on my wishlist since it was released and after it got into 50% sale I immediately bought it! Pink was already sold out, but I wanted beige more ♥ I love rip material and the little ribbons on the buttons are so adorable! All in all a simple but beautiful cardigan :) It already arrived but unfortunately I will sell it, because its too oversized on me >//< Its such a beautiful piece, but I really dont like it on me D:

I hope you liked this kind of post, even if it was a lot to read! I would be happy about some feedback or critic if you think I could do something different :) My next post will be about my Waiting for.. mercari/fril order :)

Much love to you, xoxo

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