Thursday, 13 July 2017

Waiting for... ♥ Mercari Order #1

Hello everyone! 
I hope you all are doing well and have great time ♥ I really enjoyed writing again, so here is my next "Waiting for..." Post about the things I bought on mercari and fril! If you want please leave me a little feedback what kind of posts you would also like to read (•ө•)♡

What are Mercari and Fril ?

These are Japanese second hand websites where Japanese people can sell their stuff! Maybe you know similar websites from your country like vinted or Kleiderkreisel in Germany! You can find much more other stuff (anime merchandising, other brands and much more), but I'm using it mostly for Liz Lisa :) You need to use a shopping service to buy from there or be able to write & read Japanese and contact the sellers directly. Some shopping services quit buying from Mercari & Fril. Japonica Market (the shopping service I always use) is still able from buying there, but please note on their webside: "If you use our services for Mercari/Fril order, please do not negotiate/inquire directly with the seller".

This time I didnt ordered that much second hand because I was able to get most of my dream items directly from TKL :) I started with Liz Lisa in January 2016 (yeah last year!) and thats why I buy a lot of second hand items, because I wasn´t able to buy them when they were relaesed ;//; I bought my first Liz Lisa dress second hand in a Facebook group and was mostly too nervous to order directly from Japan! Now 1,5years later I'm more confident with it and can't imagine to live without ordering from Japan (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Bandeau rose swimsuit set
I was able to find a new swimsuit for me NWT! I'm incredible happy because these swimsuits are so adorable! When I was younger I never wanted to wear a swimsuit because I didnt wanted to show my butt! I dont know why but I was extremly uncomfortably with it :c When I was 16 and in my ebay-china-shop-phase I found a cute bikini with a skirt - perfect solution for me! (^-^)/ but it was really simple and the design of Liz Lisas swimsuits is so unique! I already own one and I'm even more excited for this one! I'm not sure but I think the swimsuits from later collections are also ok for bigger busts :) If it wont fit, I will sell it on my store account Claudiiputnam_store so if you dont want to miss it, be sure to follow me there as well (^ω^)

Yui Kanno collab stripe flower OP in yellow 

I already own the blue version of this dress and now only pink is missing ♥ The design is so cute yet decent but perfectly for work! It has a good length on me and good fit! It makes my waist looks more tiny (◕‿◕✿) It has a zipper on the side but unfortunately no shirring in the back >//< When I ate too much I feel too fat for this dress lol :D I really love to wear it on hot days for work and thats why I want it in the other colours too :)

Multi stripes dress in pink

Ah I'm so sorry but I didnt find any worn picture in the pink colour way >///< I bought the blue version last year on mercari (here you can see a worn pic by me :) )and since then it is my most favorite summer dress! The fit is gorgeous and its so simple but elegant for a ice cream date or go for a little walk with your beloved one :) It has a lot of shirring in the back and cou can eat a lot without feeling to fat for this dress ヾ(゚ェ゚ゞ) I was really unsure about getting this dress in pink as well, because a few month ago I didnt own any pink Liz Lisa items! D: I really thought it wouldn't suit me and thats why I tried to avoid it >//< but due to an coincidence I saw that it doesnt look that bad on me :3 So I want to give it a try (^-^)/

Off shoulder top in white

I'm extremly curious about this top because I absolutely dont know from which year it is, I saw it one time on a cute girl on IG and found it a few days later on mercari and since I'm really into off shoulder tops atm I had to grab it! :D I definetely need a navy skirt without pattern for this top (and I already know exactly which skirt I have to buy :D) As many of you maybe knows I'm more the type for bordeaux but I really like navy as well! but its a little bit harder to combine because Liz Lisa released less and less items in navy and its difficult to wear it for the different serasons but I will want to try it out and hope this top will suit me ♥

Check Skirt in bordeaux 

I was eyeing with this skirt since it was released in last years autumn collection but since I already ordered so much I didnt purchase it. Now I saw it on mercari and thought it was a good idea to buy another bodeaux skirt with a decent pattern with is more easier to combine :) I really have to saw that I'm not a big fan of set-ups, idk why but mostly they are too cute for me ;//; I only wear swinging paris set up also from last year in bordeaux and that it is :D 

I hope you enjoyed this post ♥ Please leave me a little comment, if you want, what you think about it :) I dont know if it will be the next post but I will try to make a "Liz Lisa Wardrobe" Post with all my current Liz Lisa items :) Just to keep track and show you everything I have because some of you were asking :3 If you have any other suggestions / ideas I would really appreciate a little comment or message on Instagram! (•ө•)♡

Have a nice day! Much love to you all 

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