Saturday, 22 July 2017

Waiting for... TKL Order #2

Hello cutiepies (◕ᴗ◕✿)

Sorry just immediately another Waiting for...TKL order post within one month! I paid the shipping for the first whole order yesterday so the items should arrive the next week yay! ♥I'm super excited to show you what I bought this time (・w・) Don't be afraid I wont do this for every item I bought! - only when I'm waiting for more than 4-5 items or when I'm extremly excited about what I bought like this time! ♥

I first saw this "Novelty Fair" on the Instagram feed of Liz Lisa Sendai and immedeately felt in love with this lovely pattern! As you may have seen after my Wardrobe Post I dont own that many (ohm like one or two?) items with a specific pattern at the bottom (like "umbrella pattern" or "closet print")- more its like all of them are all in all "floral pattern" and I think thats also a reason why I adore this print too! (•ө•)♡ They also published these pictures with the Novelty fair picture:

All credits belongs to Liz Lisa Sendai store! I dont have any experience with Novelty Fair to be honest - as I understand you will get this purse for free if you spend more than 20.000Yen. But I'm not sure if its on TKL as well? As I dont see any advertising on TKL I dont think I will get it ●︿● but anyway I wanted to show you that cute purse! 

Of course I decided to get the dress & skirt in bordeaux and also ordered the dress in white - I was extremely afraid to miss it if I would wait becuase bordeaux is always sold out so fast QwQ They released two sizes or rather two lengths (freesize and freesize +3cm) as I never had problems with the length of Liz Lisa dresses (I'm 160cm) I chose normal freesize - bordeaux +3cm was sold out at the same evening! (゜Д゜*)

I think the print stands more out in bordeaux & white and tbh pink is not really my colour >/< The cut of the dress reminds me a little bit of the Chandelier JSK which I own in blue & pink I hope it has the same nice fit (^-^)/ And the skirt looks like it will be a High Waist Skirt! (Oh my gosh I love High Waist (♡´艸`)) and I'm thinking about getting the white skirt as well because I finally ogt my first paycheck as a fulltime employer (yaaay) as some of you know I made my appretenceship the last two years ꈍ .̮ ꈍ

These are the first items I bought from the new autumn collection! ღ╹◡╹)ノ♡ Did you already bought something? Or do you have a favorite item you're waiting for it to come to sale? ♥

Have a nice day cutiepies! Much love to you xoxo

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