Wednesday, 6 September 2017

New In - August ♥

Hello cutiepies :) I'm so happy to see you here! How are you? (♡´艸`) Here are all Liz Lisa items which arrived in August! Its a lot isnt?

Piping flower one piece
It wasn't love at first sight but now I couldn't be happier about this purchase! I felt in love with this pattern when I saw the white/blue skirt from Annalena in rl and after that Hopeykitty posted a picture in excatly this colourway and that was when I decided to get it as well ♥ I'm still a bit sad that wasn't able to buy the white version but I hope I will find it second hand somewhere :) This dress was a part of my second unboxing video which you can see here and its so so beautiful in rl! I really adore the brown lace details at the botton, the belt and the pattern is so so beautiful! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Piping flower skirt

This skirt was also part of my second unboxing video and oh gosh the fit is just a dream! It fits really tight and I love it so so much! (♡´艸`) It has a simple yet decent pattern but especially because its so decent I like it even more ♥ It has cute words like "tropical" and "dreaming" between the flowers, a zipper in the back and a lot of shirring. The cute bows on the side are a really lovely detail which makes the skirt even more special (‘∀’●)♡ 

Vintage flower skirt in bordeaux
This was the last thing of my second video - It was one of the items I was most looking forward, but it disappointed me a bit :/ The fit is extremly loose on me, like the shirring didnt even work because there is no tautness in the back! That makes wearing it really uncomfortable because I'm afraid it will slip off QwQ Its so crazy I never had a Liz Lisa skirt shich is too big on me! (・・;) I'm still not sure if I should sew it tighter or add a zipper or something like that D: Both dresses I own with this pattern are bigger than usual as well (but not as big as this skirt :o ) but oberall the pattern is still so lovely thats why I dont want to sell it >///<

String Lace Bag in white
This cute bag was the first summer item which was on my wishlist lol ヽ(^Д^)ノ Its part of my third unboxing video which were only two pieces but hey :) I already own similar bags (like same type of bag but different details at the front) from the winter collection 2015 (white and pink) and the spring collection 2016 (in white) and now I have one for summer as well lol! Still waiting for the white/pink version of this bag which is in customs since the 22nd July (;へ:)The only thing I dont like about this bag is the extremly long zipper - it looks so weird and wrong? but the pink/white bag from Saki looks the same so I think it is supposed to look like that ? ヽ(ヅ)ノ

fishtail one piece in white
Ahh I was eyeing with this piece since it was released and finally its mine! (๑♡⌓♡๑) I'm really happy with this lovely piece but Idk its a bit transparent so you're not allowed to wear a coloured bra or a black saftey pants QwQ Even my white you can see through because my skin is a bit darker, so you can see the white saftey pants lol I need one in a more "skin" colour (o^∀^) but beside this things its a beautiful dress with so many lovely details! So much lace (◕ᴗ◕✿)

Longsleeve floral OP in bordeaux (bought on Facebook)
If you may know I already own the white version of this dress which I got as a present from Cherrycordial ♥ I was really in love with this pattern but I wasnt sure about the collar and the longsleeve - and thats why I cut them off and I really like it much more than before (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) I feel like the collar dont match to the dress and now it looks more simple and better for Germany :D Its now really easy to combine it with a cardigan ~ and yeah thats why I took the chance and bought in bordeaux as well and now made the same thehe (♡´艸`) I feel like it fits more to me and my style :3

Floral blouse in white
Ahh finally its mine (⺣◡⺣)♡* You can't imagine how happy I'm about this piece! I was searching for it a long time and now I finally have it yay :) Its so crazy - after I bought this piece in the same week I saw it two times on mercari - why didnt you popped up earlier ? T^T Ahh nevertheless I'm so happy with this top! As you may know I'm not the biggest fan of set-ups and wear them barely because I feel too cute in them and dont want to spend money for thing I dont wear >///< but for this one it was okay because I'm collection it, btw I'm feeling like a doll in it! I wouldn't wear it outside but hey |ω・`)ノ

Floral dress in pink
yaaaaay you know what ? _This is the last piece to complete my collection with this pattern (人◕ω◕)  ahh I'm so so happy you can't imagine ♥ Its so hard, since I'm into this pattern I feel like everyone would like to get it too and that made it even harder to find all pieces! I already own brodeaux & white which are my favorite colours, but for the pink one I had to pay a bit more than retail price just to complete my collection ;///; It was really had for my purse but yeah now I'm finally done with collecting! There is no other pattern I love so much as this one and thats why the collecting is over yay (*ノωノ)

Two colour tote bag in pink
I already own this bag in navy as well & first I was like: "I dont have anything to combine with this blue bag. When I own the pink version I will sell navy" and then I bought a white shirt with some navy details and yeah - now I own another item in more than one colour ꈍ .̮ ꈍ I really like this pink shade as well because its more ivroy & pink and matches to more of my clothing colours if you know what I mean :3

Floral Lace Skirt
This is just the most perfect skirt for work ♥ It makes your waist looks so tiny and I really adore the cute bows on the side! The pattern is decent and so cute ahh I could talk about it the whole day (〃ω〃) I already wore it a lot on work and got so many compliments! I really like to combine it with a pink basic cardigan and a white blouse or shirt - its simple but had great spring & summer vibes (•ө•)♡ It has such a nice length (not too short or too long) and the only thing I have a problem with is, that I'm still not sure if I'm able to combine it for autumn or winter - the lace and the pattern are so summery! but I dont want to miss it for.... like autumn/ winter is way too long like 7 months? ;//; It takes so long in germany until it will be warm again! ><

Pleats puff Onepiece in pink

First I thought I bought the white version because the picture on mercari looked more white/ivory but I think I got the pink version? I really like it even more! (♡´艸`) Its kinda hard to wear a white dress in Germany because its associated with wedding here and everyone will look at you O_o Yeah really weird. but hey thats also normal for Liz Lisa, so who cares ヽ(ヅ)ノ I already own this dress in bordeaux so it wasnt a surprise how it fits - Its longer than my other Liz Lisa dresses and the fit is really wide so I think it would be a perfect dress for girls with a big bust, there is still lot of space when I wear it ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

Houndstooth check floral skirt in grey
As soon as I was searching for longer skirts for work I immediately found this skirt and was in love! I wasnt sure if I should buy all three colours at once but I decided to wait until I see how this skirt fits and yeah - its perfect! (´⌣`ʃƪ) It has a really nice length and it fits really tight - I will absolutely buy this in navy as well (♥ω♥*) I'm still not sure if I should get the pink version as well or not :3 Unfortunately the belt is missing but thats okay for me ~ it was pretty cheap and I wasn't sure if I would wear the belt or not (probably not because I think it will be uncomfortable with it when you wear it for more than 8hours) but if I buy the navy version I would like to own the belt, just to see how it looks! (^ω^)

pleats tulle skirt in white
Ahh this was so strange! I bid for this skirt on yahoo auction and the I found it on mercari as well. I was afraid to loose the auction so I bought the skirt and then won the skirt and now I'm owning both lol! but I will sell one of course ~ You can find my Sales on my account here where I always upload first - when I have more time you can find my Sales on depop Claudilove as well (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) I already own this skirt in bordeaux and really would love to own it in pink as well ♥ I adore tutu skirt with lots of tulle and lace, this skirt is so perfect! The fit is really nice due to a lot of shirring in the back and ahhh.. ♥ I'm so happy :3 

Basque ribbon beret in beige

I really really wanted this beret in bordeaux as well but unfortunately the seller didnt respond so I'm still searching for it :3 I wanted to own a beret since for so long and thats why I bought the beige one ♥ I really like this one so much because the bow and the little pearl are smaller and just a little detail :) I'm still not sure if berets suits me - what do you cuties think?:3

Scallop edge trenchcoat in pink

I already own this trenchcoat in beige because it is the most beautiful trenchcoat I've ever seen! I really love each detail and it is so comfortable to wear! The trenchcoat is not as heavy as my others so its perfect for spring days (^-^)/  I dont know why but I felt like I need the pink version as well - Its from the 2013 collection so its pretty "Old" and I was afraid I didnt have a chance to get it later. Yeah thats a bit paranoid but thats me ヽ(ヅ)ノ I also have the trenchcoat from 2014 and its a bit similar but I like this one much more, the pockets are in a more comfortable place - at the other they are too much behind and I always have to search them lol :D

Double bow necklace in bordeaux

I already own a Liz Lisa necklace with pearly and a white and one with pearls with a pink bow - so the bordeaux one would be missing but I wasn't able to find it yet and thats why I decided to buy this bordeaux necklace! I really liked the necklace which was released this autumn but it had cupcake details and that too cute for me ;///; I think this one is a really good choice for me! I love the velvet bow & the bordeaux shade matches perfectly to a lot of my bordeaux items - aaaand I have matching hair clips from hopeykitty! (^-^)/

Straggered pattern one piece
Tbh I only bought this dress for work! Yeah I know I bought a lot of "work dresses" the last time, but I really need one! I start feeling uncomfortable in too short dresses like everyone is watching QwQ I know I shouldnt but yeah I it is! but I want to stay myself and still wear Liz Lisa because I feel like this would most express myself and my personality! I dont feel like myself while wearing business clothing ;//; So I think this is a really nice compromise with myself to kinda "match" to my collegues but also be myself :) I really really like this dress a lot and think about getting the other colours (brown and navy) for autumn / winter as well because the material is really comfortable and the pattern os decent. It has a really nice fit - its a bit loose around your bust but the waist is with a little bit shirring so it makes a nice silhouette ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

Sorry I wasn't able to take some worn pitcures for this beautiful pieces >//< but I think I will made a Youtube video about it and add pictures as soon as I can ♥ Have a lovely day!

Sending much love to you..♥

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Waiting for... Mercari Order #2 (♡´艸`)

Hello my sweet little blossoms (⺣◡⺣)♡* Today I would like to show you all the amazing pieces which I ordered from mercari! There are some items which were on my wishlist for a long time and I'm really happy that I was able to finally find some ♥(ノ´∀`)I also ordered a few things from TKL but I'm not 100% sure if I will do another Waiting for as well - stay tuned and let yourself be surprised o(^▽^)o

Daihana Rose Pattern One Piece in pink
I was thinking about getting this lovely dress for a long time and that - jep - it was sold out when I was ready to buy! Cutie Bibi owns it and I saw it in reallife when she visited me with Petra for our Liz Lisa meet-up and oh goooosh this dress is so beautiful! I love the simple design, the decent pattern and the cut - its perfect for work and I cant wait to receive it! ♥ Fingers crossed that it will suit me (^-^)/ It has a really nice lace detail at the back - tbh I dont like details in the back because I can't see them myself and when I wear a cardigan no one else can see it either :c 

Velour ribbon pumps
I alredy own the pink pumps as well and they are my most favorite pumps! They are so easy to coordinate and really comfy :3 Thats why I wanted to own the beige version as well ♥ I owned it before but the bow was a little bit weird and used and thats why I decided to sell them (due to the weird looking bow I never wore them ;///; ) I hope I have more luck this time (♡´艸`) I really need more beige pumps to combine and especially this one are so beautiful! I also would like to buy the pumps with the crossed straps & the big bow in the back which I own in bordeaux & pink in beige as well! (^-^)/

autumn fair purse vintage rose
If you saw my last Waiting for TKL order post you may know that I bought the bordeaux dress with the same pattern as this one ♥ I'm really sad that they don't offer Novelty fairs on TKL too but for the next time I will use a instore shopping service (‘∀’●)♡ Instead of getting this purse for free (for a purchase over 20 000yen) I bought it now for 3500yen, which is quite a good price for a LL purse but nethertheless its still more expensive than for free :D I dont own a purse from Liz Lisa yet and I'm really excited to get my first one :) I really love the purse which Annalena owns and maybe I will start buying more LL purses! Oh gooosh I really really love this design and that cute bow at the front (^-^)/

ribbon pattern skirt
I saw this skirt quite a lot on mercari but it was always sold before I had the chance to buy it ;//; This time I was lucky and I really hope I will like this lovely piece (♡´౪`♡) I already saw it on a few cuties and please correct me if I'm wrong but I think this skirt has pockets ? (^ω^) This will be my first skirt in baby blue and I really hope I will get the burquet skirt in blue as well - I really love baby blue but since there are only a few items from liz Lisa in this colour it can be hard to coordinate it ;//; but I will try my best and hope you will like it (・ω<)☆ 

Tweed skirt
I already bought this skirt in the blue colour way (which is in rl more a dark white / grey) and I'm really in love with it! The fit is nice and I adore the cute details on the front! I'm really happy that I was able to find it in pink now as well ♥ The material is a bit thicker so its really more an autumn / winter skirt and I do need more pink colours in my winter wardrobe thehe (⺣◡⺣)♡* I love to coord it with this sweater (of course when the skirt was sold it was the coord of the model) but wow it matches really really well together! Still need to make a coord with this sweater :D Since summer is nearly gone I have to look for more autumn  / winter things ~

ribbon off-shoulder top
I really need more tops omg! (◕‿◕✿) I already own a lot but mostly blouses which are "too fancy or chic" for a walk outside and thats why I wanted to buy this one ♥ It was quite cheap as well, so why not ? ヽ(ヅ)ノ It seems that you can wear it off shoulder too and as you may know, lately I'm really into off shoulder especially for summer (even when summer is nearly gone.. :3 ) I really adore the bow details at the sleeves and the lace at the front (´∀`)♡

I really hope you enjoyed this blogpost ♥ I have a lot of fun while writing all my thoughts here and I'm so happy to share my love, passion and anticipation with you cuties(ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Sending much love to you.. ♥

Monday, 14 August 2017

New In - July ♥

Hello everybody :)
I would like to start a new blog line with all things which arrived within a month ♥ I think its a good option, also for me, to see what I bought in a month and keep track! So maybe in a few months or a year I will be able to see what I sold and what I kept. I try to avoid buying too much items which I dont truely love and sell them again >//< Its a lot of time which is wasted by selling and of course a waste of money.. :c but atm I'm nearly 100% satiesfied with my wardrobe :) If I need money and need to sell something its nearly impossible to find something I could sell because I really like everything in my closet so much! ♥
Ahh sorry for being so late and posting this in the middle of August, but I wanted to include worn pictures as well (♡´艸`)
Longsleeve blouse with little ribbons at the collar (bought from Hopeykitty )

I first saw this blouse on her feed and immediately felt in love with it! Normally I dont like longsleeve blouses but the collar of this one is so cute and thats why I was searching for it! ♥ Unfortunately I didnt find it anywhere, but then hopeykitty was selling it on Facebook and I took my chance and bought it from her :3 She is such a nice girl! I'm still a little bit insecure about how to combine it and took her as my inspiration and combined it to the skirt we both have (っ´▽`)っ 

Web Limited cotton ribbon peplum top in white (bought from Almog)

This top was a long time on my Facebook wishlist but unfortunately I wasn't able to find it on mercari :c Cutie Almog messaged me and sold it to me and it is even NWT! ) ゜o゜( I'm still not sure about how to combine it due to the peplum because as many of you know I dont wear any pants or shorts (except for pyjama shorts lol) and its a little bit difficult to combine it with a skirt but I think it looks okay :) What do you think about? :)

Princess blouse in white 

I was eyeing with this cute blouse I got into Liz Lisa? but never found it for a good price :( Only in set with the JSK or as a replica (´・ω・`) but now I was able to find it in a part of a bundle with the off shoulder top below and a skirt (which I didnt want and already sold it). It has so many lovely details like a polka dot bow and so much lace! Its perfect for work and to coord with a lot of things ♥

Off shoulder top with brown velvet line 

I saw this top quite a lot but I was never sure if I should buy it or not! Since this summer I'm into off shoulder and when it came in a bundle with the princess blouse I grab my chance and bought it! (・ω・)b I'm a little bit unsure how to combine it because of the brown velvet line so I'm currently thinking about removing it and maybe add another colour? I think brown is a little bit difficult (especially because I dont own any brown skirts or something and idk I didnt like it with my bordeaux skirts).

My Waiting for... Mercari Order 

Here you can read about my thoughts of each of these gorgeuos pieces (◕ᴗ◕✿) I'm really happy with everything and I'm even more happier that the bikini fits pretty well & that I can keep it :3 btw the white off shouldertop is from 2015 collection :)

Many ribbons pumps in beige 
To be honest the right shoe feels really uncomfortable to me - not because its too tight or something, its just the insole feels...weird? Idk I have to look after it another time if its just slips or something QwQ but after this these shoes are really gorgeuos! They have so many beautiful details and I love the lace at the straps! Of course the heel is stunning as always with the lacing! And I'm really happy with this colour as well! (´⌣`ʃƪ)

Open shoulder knit top in white
Favorite top for casual occasions ♥ Its cute and special but not too over the top! The fit is really good, the only thing I dont like is, that it is a little bit long and could be shorter! I really like the collar & of course the back with its little ribbon is adorable! I hope I will find the pink version as well somewhere because this piece is just gorgeous (♡´౪`♡)I would also like to mention that i think this top is quite long? So its a little bit difficult to wear a skirt above (like I did on my IG pic) and thats why I prefer to wear it "normal" above the skirt.

lace up tote with a little bow
New favorite bag! Its just perfect - the colour, the size, the details - I love everything so much! (♡´艸`) I already used it a lot and I'm a little bit afraid to ruin it too fast or something QwQ Also it has a really cool zipper - you can close it from both sides! Also on the side (left and right from the zipper) it has some space & I use it to store the shoulder strap when I want to use the bag as a normal handbag :) (haha sorry for same outfit except different skirt as the outfit below - I couldnt decide which outfit I like more :D )

Lace rib top in pink
I couldn't decide which skirt I like more with this top so I made two pics lol! I like both and also this top is so so pretty so you can of course combine it to a lot of skirts (but be aware that it can be really really short on you if you have a bigger chest) |・ω・`) An the other side I think the fit is a little bit as better than the white one becuase I fell like the off shoulder part is harder and thats why it dont as much as on the white?! :D 

Floral Blouse in bordeaux

Ahh as you may know I'm collecting this pattern because it is my most favorite from Liz lisa! <3 As you may know I'm not the biggest fan of set-ups due to the too cutesy prints ( I like my tops simple and without too much print) and also due to sleeves (dont ask, I dont know why I dont like them :D ) but because I collec this print I had, of course, to collect the tops as well <3 I play with the thought of cutting the sleeves off like I did with this dress here so I could wear it as a pretty sleeveless dress :) but I'm a bit afraid! What if I mess it up? Then I have to search for it again (つ﹏⊂) 

different material colour scheme string tote bag in pink
The next four pieces (inc this bag) were part of my first Youtube video which you can see here - I'm overwhelmed & really happy with it! I was afraid that I won't like the colour and regret not buying the white one, but its so pretty and I'm happy with the colour as well ♥ I really like how they did the interior design of the bigger spring & summer bags and cant wait for my other bags to arrive! ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ Ahh I own so many bags and want to own more and more (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) I need another shelf! If Patrick would notice if another shelf would be in his room? 

Flower Lace Dress
This dress fells too big on me even if its just a little bit, becuase it dont have shirring - its a bit lose around my waist but I think it still looks really pretty on me (•ө•)♡ I'm in love with the pattern & it has the perfect length for work :) The back is really simple, but Idk I think it looks so elegant and pretty? The flower print is so lovely and I love pink flower print because they are the perfect thing to match pink accessories with it (♡´艸`) I'm really looking forward to receive the skirt version as well ♥ 

Vintage rose dress in white & bordeaux 
 Ahh the biggest surprise of this month! This two gorgeous dresses were the order before my last order which I bought on TKL and they arrived even before a lot of things from my summer sale order (which are all stuck in customs T^T ) I'm really really in love with the pattern - its so beauitful and stunning omg I cant even (⋟﹏⋞) I'm waiting for the bordeaux skirt as well and still thinking really hard if I should buy the white skirt too or not (◕ᴗ◕✿) Ahh really I feel so pretty in it! <3
I hope you enjoyed this kind of blogpost! I'm really in love with everything and I hope this feeling will stay a long time (´∀`)♡ Especially with the lovely autumn items! The only problem: When I stay in love with everything I own but my collection is growing & growing... where could I store my things ? :D I want to see everything and dont hide them in closets with doors or something T^T "I like my money right where I can see it....hanging in my closet!" <3

Sending much love to you! Have a lovely day! :)